Rescue-A-Life Foundation

The Rescue-A-Life Foundation is a community-based non-profit 501(c)(3). We provide housing and supportive services to the justice-involved, homeless, veterans, and behavioral health populations. 

Our  mission is to serve individuals who come to us for assistance with compassion and understanding while supporting and promoting self-sufficiency.  

We believe every person should reside in a safe, nurturing environment, in joining with others to change systems which oppress, discriminate or otherwise cause human suffering, and to work towards affirming and supporting a healthy individual life.  

We believe the justice-involved and other disadvantaged populations should be able to live in security and dignity.  

We provide a variety of services supportive resources to needy and disadvantaged people that dignifies each individual while providing the needed tools to help extend independent living and promote physical and mental well being.


2010 - Established to assist justice-involved persons
2017 - Expanded to include housing for homeless


200+ individuals temporarily or permanently housed


Caring and compassionate staff and case managers.

Over 10 years providing housing and case management services to those in need.

Transitional Housing - Homeless
4 years
Case Management
5 years
Housing for Justice-involved
10 years

Our Team

Dwayne McElwee


Cornelius Edwards

Deputy Director

Robbie Pugh